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Benefits of Having a Jetty Made From Tires

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A property that has land that leads on to a water area could benefit from installing a jetty. Although a traditional jetty can be constructed—one that is made entirely out of wood, there is another option available. It is a jetty that floats on the water, using tires that are linked and held together by chains. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a floating jetty. Easy to Access The tires act as a breaker for the water, meaning that the boats are not moving as people try to get into and out of them. Generally speaking, the water...

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How To Look After The Upholstery On Your Commercial Property

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Do you have a lot of upholstery on your commercial property that is in need of maintenance? Then you will need to learn what must be done in order to keep the upholstery on your commercial property clean. By doing so, you can keep the place looking professional for your potential customers. With that thought in mind, here are the top ways of maintaining the upholstery on your commercial real estate: Vacuum cleaning: In addition to vacuuming your carpet flooring, you can also use them to get the dirt and dust off your upholstery. Most vacuum...

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